About us

Optimo Finance AS (OF) is a Norwegian based consulting company co-operating with a number of companies and financing entities in countries world-wide with the objective of creating the best possible competitive solution for financing of international projects.


The possibility of offering financing to projects should be an important element in project development. OF has been involved as financial advisor and played an important role developing a number of infrastructure projects world wide. Most of the projects where we have achieved contracts have been obtained through the combination of presenting the strong technical/economical ability combined with project financing offered to the client under competitive terms.


All of the countries in which we are operating have limited access to competitive financing. This fact, combined with the priority of assistance to the region from the Nordic countries, gives a unique possibility to establish strong intercontinental relations in order to develop, finance and implement projects of high priority for the authorities in the respective countries.


Structuring a financial offer will in many cases, however, be complicated due to limited credibility in sovereign lending schemes as well as the priority in several countries for privatisation.


Corporate Finance

We evaluate companies and projects and work together with our customers to find optimal ways of financing business ventures. We have expertise in both equity and debt financing.  

Financing Exports and Overseas Investments

We assist in project and market evaluation of overseas  investments and projects, and specialise in offsetting risk and structuring financial solutions. We can arrange funding from commercial banks and other financial institutions, development agencies, multilateral banks or combinations of these.  We can participate from the conceptual stage  through the different project phases including negotiating the contract.  We have played an important role in many large development projects in both private and public sectors.  

Risk Management

We help clients with risk management, and analysis of projects to systematically identify the risk parameters of major investment projects.  This is particularly important in BOT projects.  

The Climate Convention - Emission Trading.

OF has been engaged by  various public and private entities as facilitator for the implementation of projects giving reduced emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). OF has specialised in evaluating how emissions trading can create new business opportunities by being incorporated in the projects cash flow and financing.